Our Services:

| Mobile Phone Screen Repair | - Starting at 75$

We will repair phone screens for a flat rate not including the price of the parts. Contact us for more information and quotes.

| Remote Assistance | - Starting at 15$

Help with general computing questions and issues, setting up and using your device safely and securely online, avoiding unwanted programs, and using Microsoft Office products. All without leaving the comfort of your home. Prices vary depending on the tasks you are trying to accomplish. Please contact us for further information and quotes.

| Virus Removal | - Starting at 25$

Virus removal pricing varies depending on the severity of the malware infection, if it is done in person or remotely, if you want a backup, and the amount of time required to repair your device. Please contact us for further information and individual prices.

| Windows 10 Install | - Starting at 40$

Get a fresh install of Windows 10 with the option of data backup and transfer to the new Windows installation.